Sunday, March 13, 2011



I wonder if the WAR OF THE CASTES is a compulsory subject in Belize High School education? The Amandala has been printing them for months and very interesting reading and the history is part and parcel of Belize history.

The so called MAYA LAND RIGHTS are going no where and will go no where in Southern Toledo District. The reason is that the British claim right; by conquest, occupation and administration. There were not much Maya in Belize back a while ago. Our current government inherites the British rights by warfare and occupation and administration. The saga of the clearing of the Yalback hills Mayan population to give the land to the Belize Estate Company is a sad saga in the history of colonial occupation and warfare. I hope it is taught in high schools in Belize also.

Virgin Coconut Oil is being touted as a health food, world wide. We used to be a producer in Belize one time I remember. Nowadays our coconut oil comes from Singapore and Malaysia, usually via Jamaica as middle man.

THE CRY BY GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS IS THAT WE LACK IN BELIZE A MARKET, to foster local enterprises and development. Why don´t these fools in the civil service push real hard and fast to open up FREE TRADE with Guatemala, a 20 million market for our economic development? The excuse a very flimsy one, and it is not backed up by practice, is that Guatemalan businesses would swamp our teeny market. What a crock of bull manure. You can´t sell stuff made in Belize because the market is too tiny. About 600 Mom and Pop grocery stores. If MARKET is the problem and the size thereof, then co-opt the market next door in Guatemala. With all the roads now connecting us, and super transportation systems in Guatemala, we can use THEIR market to build our own economy. FREE TRADE WITH GUATEMALA. What are you waiting for civil servants? Quit listening to that coast CREOLE South Side nonsense. You want JOBS, you want REVENUES, you want and want and want. Quit wanting and hand Belizeans that big market next door. FREE TRADE MON!

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