Tuesday, March 22, 2011


TMD, the suicide causing pain, with many possible problems, making it difficult to diagnose and cure.

temporomandibular jaw detective investigation

There seems to be some interest on this and I learned some new things yesterday. Both in the Belize-culture list my regular haunt and the Belize remote group contributors. Who so kindly have been giving medical advice.

On the recommendation of my local librarian Beatrice went across to Melchor de Menchos, Guatemala yesterday to her general doctor over there, she swore fealty to, Dr. Monroy is his name. Dr. Jose Arturo Monroy Arqueta. Anyway really good. He figured from feeling with his fingers, I had a problem or might have, with the salivar gland from swellings. So he sent me to Dr. Victor Santiago Medina Moriano, a Dental Surgeon. Melchor de Menchos has about 4 blocks of solid clinics, labratories and doctors offices, just past the turn going up the hill to the town center after walking across the bridge. Covering side and back streets. His consultant rate was basically the same as in San Ignacio, or $40 bz. There are a lot of specialites in the medical field over in Melchor. I had not been aware of how many before. Anyway he phoned and sent me off to a DENTAL SURGEON specialist. The dentist in Santa Elena was supposed to do this stuff, but seemed very reluctant to do so. Unlike our doctors on this side of the border, they get physical with the probing and fingers in Melchor, and do not diagnose from a chair on the other side of the desk like our doctors here. Anyway, I walked a short block to the Clinica Medica of the Dental Surgeon specialist, Dr. Victor Santiago Medina Moriano. An ortodoncia dentist or something. He was the one eliminated the theory that it was a blocked saliva gland by physical puncturing the inside skin and manipulating the gland to get fluid out from inside the mouth. Then he sent me to the labratory for X -Rays. Never saw a machine like this before. It takes 360 degree X -ray as it swivels around your skull. A panaromic view. Then they do on another part of the machine a 180 degree scan. The resultant x rays overlap and apparently reveal that my right hand sinus cavity in the cheek bone was infected. So he says? Plus the inner ear or eustacian tube. Not sure why he didn´t prescribe for me. But he recommended in Belize I contact an otolaryngology doctor in Orange Walk. A Dr. Atanascio F. Cob, who apparently also has visits in Belize City. Will have to go to Belize City for this, then to Caye Caulker for the salt water sea treatment. It was explained to me, that specialists have favorite antibiotics and treatments for curing stuff like this and better I get it from him. Will do, probably tomorrow if Dr. COB is going to be in Belize City. Will phone this morning.

Anyway, I looked it up on the internet and this kind of thing it is recommended to use OMOXCILLAN I believe the local doctors out West here had been prescribing cipro flox something or other, which did not work. Unfortunately you cannot buy SINU TAB in the WEST or probably in Belize, an especially over the counter drugstore anti-histamine which dries up sinus in 15 minutes. The other stuff they have is not very good here. I read on the internet a hair drier will evaporate the liquid in the inner ear. At any rate, there is no effective sinus medicine out West here that I know of, or anti-histamines. SINU TAB is really good when I´m in Miami.
The point I am making is there is in Melchor, 4 blocks of all kinds of medical specialists, labratories and clinics just across the border with expertise for extra-ordinary illnesses, not found in Western Belize. The prices are good.

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