Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Port Town BICYCLE BANDITS target walkng WHITE PEOPLE as victims.

Crime is always with us. Since Colonial days, from 55 years ago, I remember it no different. Except back then, we knew who the career criminals were. Couldn´t do anything about it. The law protects career criminals and penalizes the victim. In the last 15 years, casual crime, by career criminals has turned violent and vicious. They are now committing murder, over as little as $3, not wanting a jail sentence they are murdering their victim targets.
We don´t yet have the problems of Miami, Los Angeles, or our Central American Republics, but the growth of population has seen a similar rise in the percentage of new generations of youth enter the professional career criminal field.
This has become particularly dangerous in the port town of Belize City, where BICYCLE BANDITS are making smash and grab heists, targeting WHITE people who are walking. The population of the port is predominantly BLACK of one shade or another.
The port of Belize City sees most criminal acts against WHITE PEOPLE and BELIZEAN-CHINESE merchants. This is probably less to do with racial tensions, than simply the port attracts a population of coastal majority BLACK people and there is not in an agricultural dominated country, jobs in such an urban area. Nor do they seem to wish, to cut bananas, or sugar cane, or pick citrus fruits.
The alarming trend in the past 15 years, is the career decision by new young criminals to KILL their victims, to leave behind no witness to make a court case. They will KILL in the act of burglary or robbery, or arrange to have you KILLED if the case is to go to trial.
The police system has never been adequate and is less so now, than ever before, with the expansion of population demographics.

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