Sunday, May 8, 2011

BELIZE - things could hardly be any better!


The news media tend to concentrate on the BAD things that happen, as those make the NEWS. In reality, Belize continues to grow and expand and development in categories like EDUCATION, AGRICULTURE DIVERSIFICATION, PRODUCTS FOR EXPORTS, LIVING STANDARDS, SOCIAL PROGRAMS FOR THE POOR, all these things have vastly improved and continue to do so, year by year, in small but steady increments. Belize is actually a wonderful place to live and local born people consider Belize to be a PARADISE. There is many a debate on shutting the borders to immigrants, to preserve our wonderful way of life.
One gets swamped by all the terrible things that happen normally in any society around the world, as these sell newspapers and television advertising. This can create a misunderstanding both locally and from foreign observers. The NEWS MEDIA presents a lopsided biased view of things. All the BAD THINGS that can happen. In reality, sports and living standards, roads and utility services are constantly improving.
It is a shame that this slant to BAD NEWS becoming headlines frames the attitudes of many observers. For the reality is otherwise.
Right now, we are quarrelling about OVERPRODUCING - CATTLE, RICE AND ONIONS, which have not yet developed foreign export markets. The over production is a set of newer problems of course, but certainly not the end of the world. Just another incremental step, a problem of growth that must be met and solved. It will be, the society of Belize is dynamic and intelligent. While we are not the USA, in manufacturing capacity, what we do for our very small 313,000 population, scattered over 6000 square miles of territory is HUGELY SUCCESSFUL, considering 58% of our population are under 18 years of age. There are no weeds and barnacles growing on this boat that is Belize. We are doing very well as a society and a nation thank you. May all our problems remain development problems, deciding how to get richer, live more comfortable, equalize income levels throughout our society, quarreling about the best way to export more things. OPPORTUNITY is the name for BELIZE. With such a small population things could hardly be any better.

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