Friday, May 27, 2011

GSU police unit fire hundreds ( corrected to 4 dozen ) of bullets in a house inhabited by women and children in Belize.

GSU ( Government Special Unit -police )

The coastal port town,GSU ( gang suppression unit was designed to fight gangs in the port town ) made a surprise stealth attack, in the interior capital city of Belmopan, at 4 a.m. in the morning on the home of a Club owner and a family. No one knows the reason why? All the police will say, is it was a TIP. From the results and reports, it seems more likely POLITICAL?

The capital city Belmopan Club owner, claims he works 16 hour days and earns his money honestly. He does not know why he was targeted. Woken up by his wife at 4 a.m., after getting home after closing his club at 2 a.m. he was told by his wife, that there were invisible people moving around his yard. The Belmopan ( capital ) police dispatcher was called and told him to barricade his family in the house. All their police were accounted for and not involved. They were sending a patrol unit to rescue them. A battering on his front door, led him to fire a couple of shots from his licensed pistol through the door, to dissuade the HOME INVASION. Claims by CRIMINALS that they said they were POLICE have been used many times in the country of Belize by murderers and rapists and other HOME INVASION attackers. The GSU video of the operation, showed they were dressed in BLACK, invisible and were only softly whispering they were police, with the police video taken outside the house.
The door was breached and lo and behold it was the coastal port town, GSU Unit invading the premises in the far away interior capital, at 4 a.m. in the darkness. Nobody knows why? They found nothing after ransacking the house and arresting the occupants. The GSU commandos are only cannon fodder and claim they were acting on orders and following their training and protocol.
A number of questions arise over this HOME INVASION? If they wanted the Club Owner, why didn´t they go to the CLUB two hours earlier and talk to him, and or arrest him? Or do so at breakfast time? If they wanted to search the house, why didn´t they surround the house in daylight and then search the house? Why was the Belmopan police department not tasked to do this? In response they said, to his warning shots through the door, the GSU police unit opened fire with hundreds of rounds, ( corrected after the fact, to 4 dozen rounds ) penetrating the house from high velocity bullets, penetrating steel and concrete block. Why they did not withdraw and form a perimeter is not known. Why they would fire on a residential house of a businessman in the interior capital city of Belmopan, outside of their jurisdiction and purpose, and his family containing women and children at night, is not known. They claim it was surpressing fire. Yeah! Sure! You are going to riddle a residential house with high velocity bullets, in which you SHOULD KNOW if you did your intelligence right, was filled with women and children. What kind of police protocol is that? Something out of FBI American Television?
The family is in jail. The husband was not killed, nor anyone else, but while down on the floor the GSU unit kicked him unmercifully in the head and face and other parts of his body. Breaking his nose and breaking his jaw leaving him unconscious for a long time. The wife was in hysterics and the children and housekeeper as they cowered and listened terrified while GSU members argued about killing them outright or not.
Don´t come to Belize to live, if you fear this type of police brutality! Quadaffi in Libya and leaders in Arab countries are not the only ones with violent police.

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