Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Is it the language ARABIC, or the RELIGION MUSLIM, that denies people FREEDOM?


Israel Ambassador to the USA, made a good point in a TV interview last night. He said, in a vast swath of countries, sweeping across two continents, from, the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan, to the horn of Africa in Morroco, all the countries of the ARAB MUSLIM religious world, are POLICE STATE TYRANNIES,, with torture, jail and murder the norm in politics. Israel is the only COUNTRY in that whole region, with 6 million population of which 1 million are ARAB MUSLIM Israeli citizens, is a democracy.

Is it the language ARABIC, or the RELIGION that denies pèople FREEDOM?


Mossy Mom said...

US installed and backed dictators nearly everyone of them. Shame on you for your racism

chip said...

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