Monday, May 9, 2011

Fortis declares a dividend. Fortis manages electricity in Belize and other countries.

Fortis a Canadian company that manages electricity in different countries as their major business, but has others, just declared a dividend. Belize is wholly managed by FORTIS for electrical supply.

FORTIS is managing the electrical supply of Belize adequately and on the whole, the general population are happy with their management administration for electrical services.

The biggest problems with electrical supply, or electricity produced by competitive producers of electricity, is the lack of a law allowing NET METERING. Most newer investments in electrical supply for a national self sufficiency, research and experimentation show, will be small cottage industry electrical production on the low end of the scale. From windmills, solar farms, hydro dams of small scale and so forth. The lack of the ability to freely produce electricity and sell it back to the National Grid on a sporadic basis ( e.g.: during hours of sunlight for example ) is the biggest stumbling block to our nation becoming self sufficient in electricity. To do so, would save oodles of FOREIGN EXCHANGE, currently spent on imported diesel fuels, or buying electricity from MEXICO. The FUTURE for Belize in creating adequate supplies of electricity, is going to be several decades of transformation as newer technologies become financially practical for electrical production. We need to foster the turnover research and development of these newer technologies and applied science, by passing laws making NET METERING MANDATORY. Then in the future when crisis occur, the solutions will be instant expansion of small scale successful systems. Make no mistake about it, ENERGY in the form of ELECTRICITY is the KEY for GDP and economic independence. Without it, you cannot as a country go anywhere. Foresight and planning already has dictated that NET METERING is needed as a country policy and while the effect immediately is not expected to be any more than a nuisance to FORTIS and the NATIONAL GRID, and possibly the Government Bureaucracy and Politics, in the LONG RUN, only opening up this PANDORAS BOX, are we going to be READY, as in BEING PREPARED for outside world disasters, crippling otherwise our small country and any economy we develope. It is a mistake being made by our politicians not to encourage small trial endeavors of producing electricity for the NATIONAL GRID, by passing NET METERING as a mandatory regulation.

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