Thursday, May 5, 2011

Census reveals shift in languages spoken in Belize.


ENGLISH is our official government language, but SPANISH is now the dominant language of Belize. There are many languages spoken, couple of Chinese languages, Arabic, Hindu, English, Spanish, German ( declining ), Creole ( declining ), Carib ( declining ).

We have room for inviting Japanese immigrants if they would want to come. Chinese immigrant visas have dropped from $20,000 to $2000. Japanese farmers are excellent and play a big part in the Dominican Republic.

WITH A POPULATION OF 313,000, THERE IS AN OVERWHELMING SENSE THAT WE ARE TIPPING OVER, FROM A SMALL COLONIAL RUSTIC BACKWATER, TO SOMETHING MORE ADVANCED. MESTIZOS ARE NOW THE DOMINANT POPULATION AND ONCE DOMINANT CREOLE COASTAL POPULATION HAVE DECLINED TO ONLY 20% OF OUR POPULATION AND CONTINUE TO DECLINE. In three more generations, Creole as a language is expected to almost disappear in Belize. It is believed they immigrate abroad, as they love cities and salaried jobs and seem reluctant to get into pioneering development entrepreneurial ventures. Broad Creole as a language, or dialect, is gradually converting to International English as job opportunites nowadays and in the future, require International English and Creole only speakers are at a disadvantage in the job market.

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