Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Andreas German immigrant to Belize runs ultra light service out of Central Farm airstrip.

Andreas the German pilot and wife from Trinidad. Andreas is typical of many immigrants to Belize. Being from Germany and a pilot with his own TRIKE ultra light, he has towed around from country to country. He tried living in Trinidad, in the Bahamas and a few Caribbean islands in between. The immigration policies were not too good and restrictions on his flying business poor. On his second marriage to a Trinidadian student lawyer, who is trying to finish her law studies by internet extended campus right here from Belize. My daughter Wendy is living in Houston, Texas, putting her grown kids through University and running her Auxillou Beach Suites condos on the beach on Caye Caulker inside the barrier reef and monitors the guests coming in and her manager with a video cam, up there in her house in Houston, Texas. She also is trying to do her law degree ( for the Commonwealth rules ) by internet extended campus system. Andreas our German friend adventurer is your typical adventurer immigrant. I was that way once myself many, many, many years ago. Self sufficient, varied incomes and locally here in Belize where he has been around for over a year ( must qualify for Permanent Residency now? ) and takes people up for tourist rides over the Belize River Valley, farms, real estate developments and Twin Towns area and does photo shoots from his open air TRIKE ultra light, run by a Rotex motor. He tells me this TRIKE ultralight is sold now with the dinghy underneath and he plans to buy another one. His wife and he have moved out of Hillview suburb and they are now living down near the center of San Ignacio town, where they can get internet service to run their myriad, extended family, small international business interests. He has a son running another tourist business on the Amazon side of the Andes in Peru. Unfortunately, if it was possible, we too would move into the center of the twin towns, as we can get neither cell phone service, or internet service, even though we live in a suburb of Santa Elena Town here in Cayo Western Recreational Area. This crimps the business opportunities no end in todays world. Everybody in small businesses are suffering for lack of telecommunications.

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