Wednesday, December 3, 2008


HUMMINGBIRD LUMBER YARD and Mr. Daniel Ku the proprietor.
Some of you may remember MONTEROS LUMBER YARD? The photo on the left now! The last few years, Monteros were getting lousy lumber. Eaten by termites and wood lice, or pine ridge beatles. They went out of business. Right across the corner, over the Western Highway coming out West of San Ignacio town, this small lumber yard is at the foot of the hill leading up to Cahel Pech Mayan ruins some 3000 years old, in San Ignacio Town. Mr. Daniel Ku has been selling lumber here about 4 years and gradually getting bigger as time goes on. We have been buying from him for about 3 years now and the last two years almost exclusively. Wherever the lumber mill is that is supplying him, it is certainly good quality hardwoods. Some of which; while wet and green, we can cut on our tiny Home Depot table saw. Makes lovely cabinet lumber, with smooth grain and no knots for the most part. The old Montero's lumber yard is pretty much out of business that way now. What they did is put in a small cement block machine and are making and selling cement building blocks now. See photo on left.