Saturday, December 27, 2008

Improving Mexican - Belize trade for our exports in Belize

Belize seeks to expand trade with Mexico
by William Ysaguirre
Seeking export markets in Mexico met with Mexican trade representatives in the second in a series of Enterprise Encounters of Mexico’s Southern Frontier in Chetumal, Quintana Roo on Thursday, December 11 and Friday, December 12.
The Belize delegation was led by Belize’s Director of Foreign Trade Nancy Names and included representatives of meat processing companies such as Running-W and Country Meat Products Ltd from Spanish Lookout.
At present, Mexico imports Belizean beef on the hoof, which is slaughtered in Mexico, but what the cattle industry wants is the entry of Belizean processed meats into that market, with greater value added, which would also mean more jobs here at home.
Kim Aikman of the Belize Chamber of Commerce explained that Belize seeks entry into Mexico, for not only its beef sausages but also for pork, ham, bacon, liquors, frozen citrus products, even sugar.
Others seeking entry into the Mexican market were Marie Sharp, Western Dairies, Bel-Car – a Mennonite company from Spanish Lookout specializing in cleaning and packing grains and beans for export and the Unique Co. Ltd, a Taiwanese company from Belmopan, which makes Belizean handicrafts and gift items. The Belizean producers displayed samples of their products to stimulate the discussions.
Representatives from the tourism sector, such as Caves Branch Adventure Tours were also seeking new business opportunities and partnerships. While Mexico shares a coastline with Belize with the same beautiful beaches on the Caribbean Sea, there are many tourism products that are unique to Belize, such as trips into the Cockscomb Mountains, the beautiful wildlife in our pristine jungles and the miles and miles of underground caves in the Caves Branch area, which were once part of ancient Mayan culture and regarded in their mythology as portals to the underworld.
BELTRAIDE also sought to promote investment in Belize by distributing information about how to begin doing business in Belize. Read More


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