Saturday, December 27, 2008



One of the interesting things to come out of the academic and intellectual debates in the port town, down on the Eastern coast of Belize, that was once the old capital of the old British Honduras Colony, is the idea that Belize owes COMPENSATION to Guatemala for an old cart road promised by Britain, either to Spain, or Guatemala and was not paid for. This claimed DEBT goes back over a hundred and fifty years, or a century and a half ago. I for one do not accept such old debts. They are supposed to be written off after such a long time, by modern accounting practices.

Any policeman will tell you this is not a CRIMINAL MATTER, it is a CIVIL MATTER. Why our two lawyers controlling our one party government are confusing the heck out of our Cabinet of elected rural bumpkins, with all these century and a half old British debt arguments is beyond me, archaic legal claims between the old European powers, who were always at war.

Factually, when we went INDEPENDENT under the UNITED NATIONS CHARTER for SELF DETERMINATION, we did not inherit any of these old debts from Great Britain , or CLAIMS of any kind. Our independence and territorial integrity was guaranteed for ALL TIME, by the United Nations Charter on peoples self determination. Guatemala is a member of the UN and must abide by the ruling. We are a NEW COUNTRY guaranteed by the United Nations Charter for SELF DETERMINATION of our people, based on occupying and governing our new country. We have squatters and development rights. We might have been a British Colony once, but no longer, since 1981. We did not inherit British alleged debts. The idea you sell your children into slavery, for debts of the foster parents is an old European custom, not ours in the Americas . I don’t think they even do that today in modern Europe ?

Presuming there is a legitimate claim for COMPENSATION for a promised cart road that Britain promised either Spain , or Guatemala over a century and a half ago, then this debt would be a CIVIL MATTER, as any policeman will tell you.

The correct procedure for Guatemala; is to take Great Britain to court, in Guatemala if necessary, for unclaimed old debts and let the court decide. As a civil matter, I would think the Guatemalan foreign office, could sue the British Government and serve the British Embassy in Guatemala City with a subpoena and court case? Presuming the Guatemalan court found for the Guatemalans, then obviously the next step is to COLLECT from Great Britain the century and a half old compensation claimed. Failure to collect on the compensation would, or should, then result in BRITISH ASSETS in Guatemala being frozen until the debt was paid.

Either way, the idea that our NEW INDEPENDENT BELIZEAN GOVERNMENT OF UDP would entertain ideas that we are involved, or have any responsibility for old European debts in Central America is simply ridiculous. We are not a British Colony anymore, SINCE 1981 and Guatemala is refusing to recognize the legitimacy of the United Nations Charter of which Guatemala is a member. This is a CIVIL MATTER and court case between Guatemala the complainant and Great Britain . The wars of European powers over a few centuries, for title to pieces of the American Continent, based on military might and European feudal religious rule are no longer valid. That is ancient history and should be dumped in the trash bin of European history. Belizeans can only sympathize with our good neighbor Guatemala . Europeans are difficult to deal with.