Saturday, December 6, 2008

UDP increase foreign debt from 76% of GDP to 95%

The news in the weekend newspapers were that the GDP was looking very good in Belize. The best since 2003. The statistics tell the TRUE tale though. During the last five years of the PUP term, the National Debt to GDP ratio dropped from 132% to 76% of GDP. This was an austeriy five years the last PUP term. When the UDP took over, they started borrowing again and the Debt to GDP ratio is now back up to 95% to GDP says the Reporter Newspaper. The European Union insists that member countries keep their debt ratio down to less than 3% of GDP, or you get suspended as a country.
The UDP are bragging about the higher GDP, but what it shows, is that it is the UDP Government borrowing foreign loans since being in office and spending, gives an artifical boost to the GDP ratio. The real economy is the same, or shrunk. The difference is more foreign debt. Poor fiscal management on the part of the UDP is my judgment. They traded first year public show of doing things, for more foreign debt and an artificial boost in the GDP figures. The trouble is, these figures do not reflect true growth. If they had shown a little patience and waited for year three of their five year term, the whole nation would have been practically free of foreign debt. Now it looks like our bad foreign debt rating is extended for another fifteen years.

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