Saturday, March 14, 2009


Belize Christian Academy, winners in an upset dark horse contest, coming from behind against previous champions.

CAYO DISTRICT, Belize Christian Academy

The Cayo District, “Belize Christian Academy”, won the Belize National Finals of the Math Olympiad. Last year they didn’t even have a showing. This high school of Western Belize, trounced the two most famous High Schools in the country, the Jesuit run St. John’s College in the port of Belize City and the Corozal Junior College near the northern Mexican border. The two runner ups came in second and third. The scoring was not even close. Belize Christian Academy of Cayo District, won with 2600 points, while St. John’s College in second place, only scored 1850 points and St. Catherines Academy scored 1800 points. That is roughly an 800 point lead, a truly astonishing achievement. The student audience during the elimination competitions went wild. The Math Olympiad is financed by the Social Security board with the intent of building the nation of Belize through the future leadership now in High School. While Belize Christian Academy had changed their school practice habits and implemented a training program, this year, during study period in the early mornings, to train their students in the TIMED CONTEST TRIALS run by a clock and the bell. The training strategy in mathematics worked well and they won the contest by an immense amount of points, against ALL the rest of the national six district high schools. They were truly the dark horse, springing out of left field to win this national series of elimination tournaments. We in the CAYO DISTRICT are proud of this achievement here in Western Belize, the district that leads the nation in industrial and agricultural productivity and ingenuity, for producing the exports and initiatives to put our nation on the road to self reliance and independence.

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Viinasu said...

Sorry, but I think there needs to be a correction: the girls from SCA won third place.