Monday, March 16, 2009

CARICOM free movement of peoples gets THUMBS DOWN from Belize investors.


We got several books from the Caricom Secretariat who held their Town Hall information meeting, drumming up support from a new generation of high schoolers in Belize. They came, they talked and promoted the Secretariat ( hic! and their jobs )and gave out literature.
After a chance to browse through the literature, any thoughts of hopping over to Dominica or the British Virgin Islands with the new CARICOM passport faded away in dismay. The BUREAUCRATIC RED TAPE is horrendous. Medical, police certificates, education certificates and a host of crapola. If this is what a new citizen of this proposed new CARIBBEAN nation has to go through to become a CARICOM citizen, forget it fellas! I kinda played with the idea of putting a tourist business in either BVI, or Dominica ( both have visited and liked ) over on the Eastern side of the Caribbean, as we in the AUXILLOU TOURIST GROUP of Belize are invested in Honduras, Belize of course, and the USA. Currently we are looking at Guatemala. But CARICOM, the bureaucratic red tape they are requiring would be so TIME CONSUMING and labor intensive, it just is not worthwhile in the current level of this nation building they claim to be doing. Maybe in another 30 years at the past historical rate of progress?

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