Monday, March 23, 2009

Prime Minister Barrow to meet with Canadian Prime Minister

Canadian Prime Minister, Stephan Harper to meet in Trinidad in April.
Belize Prime Minister Barrow


The summit of the Americas with 34 country heads present, are to meet in Trinidad on April 17th. , to 19th. CARICOM Heads of Governments are going to have a one on one chat with the Canadian Prime Minister at this FIFTH SUMMIT OF THE AMERICAS also.
So what do we, the PRIVATE SECTOR want to have discussed by our Belizean Prime Minister with the Canadian Prime Minister?
There are three major issues that Barrow can tackle. Issue number one is more Canadian Tourism and we require technical assistance from the various Canadian Government grant aided bureaucracies that do this sort of thing in foreign relations. First off, we would like the Canadian Government to meet with and encourage their Canadian travel agents in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal to sell visiting Belize and Guatemala during their winter months. Particularly Belize! What we dream of; is a small plane, like a 737, with carrying capacity of 100 to 200 persons, to set up a weekly Sunday direct charter flight out of each of these major Canadian cities to Belize. In that a Canadian tourist person can between December 15th., and May 15th., every Sunday without fail, there would be a charter flight going from Canada to Belize with a cut rate charter round trip ticket, valid for those weekly flights, during the five month winter tourist season. A Canadian could leave one Sunday and return the next, or any multiple of weeks. In Belize, we have neither the money, knowledge and skills to set this up. Canadian Technical Assistance would be appreciated to do this. Some sort of Canadian guaranteed subsidy for such a charter outfit would probably make it work.
Item number two, would be to send us technical tourist assistance for the Canadian Tourist market and advise our BTIA people and BTB people, how to encourage the WINTER SNOW BIRD, long stay tourists, over those same five months. Can we develop a Canadian winter long term, winter retiree visitor business, like Mexico, Hawaii, Arizona and Florida?
Item number three would be to advise and assist us in Belize, on how to agro process foods we can grow here in Belize, for the specialty niche market of Caribbean populations wherever they may be in Canadian Provinces. We again lack the money and know how, to do this from our very amall country. Technical assistance would be greatly appreciated. Our agriculture capabilities are growing, but we lack the skills to develop Canadian markets.
Since the one on one chat with the Canadian Prime Minister is bound to be congested, perhaps accompanying proposals and plans we have to outline the course we would like the Canadian Foreign Assistance programs to follow, could be presented to him, to carry home?

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