Saturday, March 14, 2009

The PARIS HILTON method of staying THIN

Paris Hilton, heiress and successful million dollar a year entrepreneur herself.


There was an interesting interview with a friend of PARIS HILTON on cable television last night. The interviewer asked a friend of PARIS HILTON how she stayed so thin, or skinny? Was it private physical trainers, or some special diet?
The girlfriend of Paris Hilton, the heiress and dynamic fashion and party going million dollar earner just laughed. No! Nothing like that she said. Paris eats with her friends just like everybody else. She said Paris will go into a FAST FOOD place and order a cheese burger and French fries just like everybody else. She said it was not metabolism, or genes. But quantity of food consumed. She said, Paris Hilton will take one or two bites out of her burger and eat a half dozen French fries and then push the plate away, for the garbage can. To be thin and stay thin, you have to control your food intake quantities.
Having a problem in my senior years with weight and the tubby waist I thought about that statement, long and hard. I try, I really try to control my food intake, but I fail. Partly I blame my childhood. Having gone through the starvation years in England during World War 2, then followed by 1945, 46, 47 and 48 in Vienna, Austria in which during the Russian raping and looting, I saw tens of thousands die on the streets every day, to be picked up by trucks with prisoners of war and taken out to be buried with the garbage, followed by my own mother admonishing me over and over again, to clean my plate and NEVER throw food away as I grew up. The remark that people are starving all over the world never left me. I suppose I have some ingrained psychological trauma, or learned behavior? I find I must clean my plate and I clean left over food out of the pots on the stove, and clean up Silvia’s and Gustavo’s plates as well. I just cannot throw food away. I hope to get better though. Yesterday I put a plastic pig tail bucket by the kitchen door, to accumulate organic food material to make a new batch of compost tea. We and most people in Belize live in a land of plenty. It may not be a varied diet by much, but we do have plenty, with bananas ten for a Belizean dollar. I’m hoping I can overcome my childhood behavior and traumas and justify putting excess food in the pig tail bucket by the kitchen door, with the rationalization that it will make food for the plants in my two vegetable nurseries.
If there is a lesson here for you, or even several lessons, I am glad to be of help! ( grin! )

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