Monday, March 16, 2009

Western Belize Tourism, starting to slowly pick up.

Now the hysteria in the USA and some of Europe is dying down over their swindles and gambling with banking credit swaps and other examples of criminality and greed in their major financial banking circles, tourism seems to be picking up a bit around Cayo Western Belize.
Things haven't got back to normal yet, but there is a small trickle flow that seems to be slowly increasing here in March, after the dead months of December and January, during the height of the television media talk shows of self serving PANIC they have been spreading among their own countrymen.


A study of low budget visitors, using cabins, rooms and hostels in Belize, reveal that 80% of the tourist travelers staying overnight in both Guatemala and the country of Belize are European girls in their mid-twenties.
This has implications for advertising purposes by the Belize Tourist Board in our country of Belize, as we can focus advertising on this niche tourist group. It also has implications as to the types of facilities, the d├ęcor and services that should be applicable for the private sector

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