Friday, September 24, 2010


I got blasted with diatribes by local Government Public Servants, who complained that the government is misspending and wasting money.


The argument went, that our school system, using cult religious financed schools is inefficient and a waste of money and not only money, but improper placement of teachers. I was given a couple of examples. One I remember was the village at 7 mile on the Georgeville to Pine Ridge road, but there were many similar situations, over 200 of them. Apparently this village has two schools. One school has 145 kids or so served by three teachers. The teachers by necessity teach three or four grades in one group at the same time and quarters. The other school, another religious cult school, I believe it is a Roman Catholic school has two teachers I am told serving only 12 students. The examples went on around the country.
The argument went on that the teacher to student ratio is irrational and since the government subsidizes religious cults in this country that run schools, a lot of very small schools are basically HOME BUSINESS INVESTMENTS, done under the guise of religion, because the Principal and teachers get a government pay cheque this way after three years of proven existance. It is a kind of SELF EMPLOYMENT at government expense.
The debate said the children were being short changed, because they are not getting a fair education with proper rules and regulations and supervision. The tax payers were being short changed by improper use of educational budget funding for school teachers. That the solution was to consolidate all these competitive schools and make ONE SCHOOL, and make more effective use of the teachers salaries that were available.
That rang a bell with me, as at 12 years old, the same process occurred in Canada where I was then living. I once attended for two years, a country rural one room school house, with a teacher who taught 8 grades for 12 students. Actually I remember it as one of the best schools I ever went too. I walked about 5 miles to get to school and often rode our farm horse, and my dog was allowed to sit under my desk in class. The opportunity to listen to older grades do English grammar and arithmetic, while we did our lower grade assignments was excellent schooling. Most FALL months we were out of school, harvesting crops. High School we had about 25 students in four grades in the local village. There were two teachers. The Principal taught.
At that time, a new school system went in that Canadian Province and large centralized schools were built and all the little schools were closed down. Whether that was a good thing or a bad thing I don't know. I know I got a good education in the small schools.

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