Monday, September 6, 2010

Belize UDP government pre-election propoganda spin!


The latest propaganda ploy in the newspapers trying to show that the government and political party, along with the various Ministry CEO´s, are advertising in the newspapers this past weekend a repeat of the blarney and crap we got 6 or 7 years ago; to sort of show they are innovative and working.
The latest bombast is about the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve. This Reserve was de-reserved about 6 or 7 years ago by newspaper announcements of the then PUP administration and opened to tourism development.
I was excited about this at the time and spent 3 years making trips up into the Mountain Pine Ridge to find locations in the cloud cover area for a Biological Reserve station and one that could function as a sailplane operations place and for hang gliders and para gliders. I finally did locate two such places that had the required cloud cover unique bio diversity range we were looking for and also the steep hill, along with an atmospheric STANDING WAVE for tourism glider and soaring operations. I not only needed those conditions, but also a scenic area with remaining good quality scenic pine forest cover, after the rest of the Mountain Pine Ridge had been devastated by the Pine Beetle infestation. Then came the time wasting and expensive process of trying to buy the land and get title to what we needed to build the development. The PUP politicians of that day were busy with get rich quick schemes for themselves and failed to provide the oversight element for the CEO´s of the day and their ministries. The ministries themselves acted just like normal. Since they were not getting paid any extra to take on any extra work, each Ministry, whether it was Forestry, Natural Resource, Lands or Tourism Board simply played the game of referring me back and forth between them. NOBODY wanted to take any responsibility, or hold the position of making decisions. There was no attempt to make a chief. After a couple of years of this run-a-round we gave up. By then a logging operation went into our two chosen locations and deforested them destroying the ambience of the tourism product we envisioned. I was getting older and it looked like my time to develop the Mountain Pine Ridge assets for tourism was fast passing away.
The latest advertising blurb, which I take with deep cynicism, is the same rhetoric and under the advertisements of the Belize Tourist Board and the following CEO´s are supposed to make this de-reserving and tourist development of the Mountain Pine Ridge happen. The do-nothings this time around under the UDP administration are; Beverly Castillo, Mr. Michael Singh, Allen Whylie, Brigadier General Dario Tapia, Mr. George Thompson, Mr. Marcelo Windsor, Ms Christy Mastry, and of course the invisible members of the Forestry Department.
Now if you believe any of this bull manure crap, you need your head examined. There isn´t a single chief among these salaried civil service CEO´s charged with the responsibility to make things happen. It´s a great publicity stunt though, to garner pre-election propaganda for the politicians in the Cabinet. Everybody here named above will follow the same dynamics of civil service survival fiefdoms and point the finger at the other participating Ministries. It´s all crap! BEEN THERE – DONE THAT!

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