Saturday, September 25, 2010



The latest news was that Bart Jones went to Barbados to persue his Law Degree, as a police administrative staff. This was followed quickly by Senior Superintendent, Chester Williams recently appointed head of the TWIN TOWNS Western District police affairs. Bart Jones according to the TV news, received LEAVE WITH PAY and subsidies for his further education. BART we have always said, should be in the BELIZE DIPLOMATIC SERVICE. He has a winning way with words and a silver tongue. Butter would not melt in his mouth. Senior Superintendent, Chester Williams of the Western Division was snubbed by the political powers that be, and decided to do his studies at his own expense. When questioned on how he would support his family for the four years involved, he said that his mother was helping him out with assets, which he was selling, for the first year. Later he would re-apply again to the government, as the POLICE FORCE was his life career and he enjoyed the work in the police force. After his first year in the Barbados law education system has passed, he will seek departmental financial assistance again.
CHESTER WILLIAMS is admirable in the affairs of Belize, particularly in our National British Police Force model, which is basically an enforcement arm of the POLITICAL PARTY IN POWER. No Cabinet Ministers ever go to jail for white collar crimes, such as forgery, fraud, embezzlement and other misdeeds. Nor do elected AREA REPRESENTATIVES in the Parliament. These crooks and criminals who control our National Police force and police promotions, are dependent not so much on ability, but favoritism in political affairs. Most senior government ministry CEO's also lead protected lives for scams and schemes to rip off tax payer money, or less than sterling results for mismanagement. Our local police force is usually for violent crimes, and street level people. The rest of their time, it is protecting the UPPER CLASS, with politicial connections. Such is our colonial inheritance from the United Kingdom.
Chester Williams story is one of admiration for his drive and goals. As a teenager he joined the National Police Force with just a PRIMARY SCHOOL leaving certificate. Standard 6 in Belize, or Grade 8 in Canada. During his early police service he rose through the ranks rapidly. He is the youngest Senior Superintendent of police ever. Most of our police constables are poorly educated. Most have problems with literacy and writing. They are in the majority, street people themselves, self taught and relying on street smarts for self education. We get a lot of rogue cops, and those of a criminal mind set in the police force, that have to be weeded out. What set Chester Williams apart, is that he took his evenings, while working full time, and went during the week to classes at St. John's College high school extension and graduated eventually from High School. He has also since then, gone on to earn an Associate Degree in Criminology. He is very well experienced and has been sent to countries around the world on training police courses. If you got a MASTERS DEGREE FOR LIFE EXPERIENCES, Chester Williams would already have his degree. His favorite niche is investigation and prosecution. He has even worked as police prosecutor in his career. Now Chester Williams has decided to join his fellow police friend Bart Jones in Barbados and finish his Bachelors Degree and then his Masters, which would be a LAW DEGREE with entry to the BAR. Unfortunately for him, he does not enjoy the financial support of the government and has to take LEAVE OF ABSENCE - WITHOUT PAY. He hopes the government will relent in another year's time.
The man has overcome big obstacles in his career and we can see that one day he will make COMMISSIONER OF POLICE, depending on the politicians of that future time finding him obedient and respectful of their scams and schemes to get rich quick. Out in Western Belize, this Senior Superintendent of Police, Chester Williams is known as a man of integrity and strong determined character, with the ability to achieve his goals in life. We are immensely proud of him. We salute him in his new endeavor and wish him luck, from WESTERN BELIZE.

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