Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lynn from Placentia, Belize affirms GLEE with new BTL internet system.

LYNN from Placentia BELIZE affirms GLEE with new BTL internet system.

Lynn wrote me on the Belize Culture Listserve for debating things Belizean, that down in Placentia, she just got this past week, the new BTL internet wireless system and is very happy with it. It is costing her $130 Bz per month to install and forget the monthly fee and that is probably what she said. However, this new internet system is being applied first in the Southern part of Belize and slowly coming North. The biggest delight is in the faster speed and most of all DOUBLE THE BANDWIDTH.
Last night we saw the Prime Minister on TV news giving a couple of snippets at the Independence celebration speeches, someplace else in the country somewhere, and he stated that the bandwidth has been doubled by BTL, which he currently controls, for the same price. ( BTL was NATIONALIZED last year again ).
From what LYNN down in Placentia told me on the listserve for Belizean subjects discussion, I can't wait to get the same service out here in HILLVIEW, the TWIN TOWNS of Western Belize. Hope they hurry up and get out here. Currently the only thing I have for internet is SMART, which is slow wireless dial up system at 115 kbps. Inadequate for most modern purposes. Most of the time in the night particularly, there is some sort of trouble with the computer serving SMART telecommunications and you get kicked out every 3 minutes or so and have to reload the service, as the SMART computer does not recognize your signal. The trouble is believed to be with BEL the electrical utility provider, with irregular voltage controls, as the loads change during day and night.

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