Friday, September 24, 2010



Local TV investigative reporters decided to investigate the Chairman of Digicel, allegedly interested in purchasing 25% of BTL.
The story was one almost identical with ASHCROFT. A tax dodger with Permanent Residency in couple of different offshore jurisdictions, the latest being MALTA, where you have to visit once a year to stay a legal Permanent resident for tax purposes. ( No taxes on offshore earnings )
Now I have nothing against a man establishing Permanent Residency in various OFFSHORE TAX DOMAINS for keeping his business private, or improving his bottom line in profits. I'm just envious my poverty level income is too small to be able to do the same thing. That after all is the name of the game in INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS in the NEW WORLD ORDER. The guy is an Irishman the local Television said.
What roused the hackles of the television investigative reporters is the spectre of another IRISH style ASHCROFT doing private deals with the Government of the DAY, in this case the UDP, the influence such things can have on election donations and campaigns. The under the table deals and baksheesh, bribes, special dividends, or export deals arranged with Central Bank to export our scarce FOREIGN EXCHANGE and other such criminal deals. Or special favors channeled through Prime Minister's LAW OFFICES in dealing with the government.
If there is any answer here, I don't know it and am watching our local media tabloids with interest for the latest juicy gossip.

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