Tuesday, September 14, 2010

FIDEL CASTRO announces the failure of the totalitarian state of CUBAN ECONOMIC experiment!

Fidel Castro of Cuba tells foreign reporter the economic system of CUBA has failed.

A week later, there is an announcement of a 1 million layoff of workers paid by the government at token wages. The Cuban government pretends to pay them and they pretend to work.

In the meantime, the totalitarian dictatorship is announcing a phase in, of small business licenses for private enterprise in certain fields. Like barbershops. Cuba under Fidel Castro believed the nonsense about a STATE OWNED ECONOMY where the population were SLAVES and possessions of the government. Everything in the country was owned by the government.
Like RUSSIA, Fidel Castro of CUBA has learned the truth the hard way. It took him 50 years or so to learn, it took the RUSSIANS about 70 years and it took MAO TSE TUNG of China and his inheritors about 70 years to discover the same lesson.

Now all we have left in the American Continent to learn these economic lessons is Noriega, dictator of Nicaragua and Hugo Chavez, dictator of Venezuela.

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