Friday, June 3, 2011

UDP gains 1% on Approval rating, to 61%


There were sob story articles on the TV media early last week, showing starving cattle, due to the drought. Small cattle ranchers were saying they ran out of money to buy feed. The fields were parched in this long drought in places. Water holes dried up. Last Fall and Winter season, saw only a couple of light sprinkles of NW FRONTS that normally pass a dozen times, a winter season, from Alaska. The FRONT squalls are about 70 miles wide and drop heavy rain. Starting October and going through January. Last winter saw hardly any such FRONTS and rainfall. It was easy to know in advance it was going to be a tough dry season, from February through to June. So it turned out.
Agriculture Department and NEMO stepped in and they hauled and gave away bales of hay to the cattle needing it, after the TV news stories of dying cattle. Much as they could. Be another six weeks into July before pastures will get enough rain and grass will spring up to feed them again. At any rate, for the GOOD SAMARATIN effort, by the AGRICULTURAL DEPT and NEMO, we give them a 1% rise on their report card, approval rating.

Small ranchers, need to irrigate their pasture and do pasture rotation. Time go get out of free ranging cattle. They need a windmill well pump and should start doing so. Those that cannot afford such things need to form small ranchers cooperatives, to pool their limited resources to be able to use tractors, hay cutters, hay balers and build a zinc roofed shed for storing hay bales. It behooves our cooperative department and the Agricultural Department to use their information systems and make the rounds, encouraging small ranchers in forming cooperatives. Time for the bureaucrats to do their development jobs.

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