Sunday, March 4, 2012

THE BATTLE BETWEEN THE UDP AND PUP CRIMINAL MAFIA GANGS to plunder the assets of Belize by controlling the government of Belize via elections.

ONLY 12 CANDIDATES ARE AVAILABLE OUT OF 31 CONTESTED SEATS ARE AVAILABLE IN THIS GENERAL ELECTION, TO BRING DEMOCRACY TO THE PARLIAMENT AND THE COUNTRY, WITH TRANSPARENCY AND A REAL PUBLIC DEBATING PARLIAMENT. We are counting the VIP and PNP candidates as not in the regular pseudo political party mafia criminal gangs, running to control the country. If all the 12 candidates would be elected and the current status quo, of 6 PUP criminal gang members were re-elected, then the incumbent pseudo political party UDP criminal mafia conspiracy gang ( under the law changed in the past, in the Constitution ) would only have 13 seats. Meaning, that DEMOCRACY and TRANSPARENCY would replace the current SECRET CRIMINAL MAFIA STYLE DICTATORSHIP, by a different PARLIAMENT debating government working on the basis of compromise, debate and other decision making factors, with more public sector control and inputs. In order to make it happen, ALL 12 of the INDEPENDENTS, and the others, the VIP and the PNP HAVE TO BE ELECTED in their constituencies. After that, however the PUP and UDP mafia gang members are elected will decide what type of government we will have for the next five years. DEMOCRATIC, OR ELECTED SECRET DICTATORSHIP? There were not enough INDEPENDENTS running. Interesting to note, it is NOT AGAINST the law, to hold a USA green card residency, but it is against the law to hold USA CITIZENSHIP to run for NATIONAL GOVERNMENT. ( According to DEAN BARROW current PM )

List of Candidates for 2012 Belize General Election

A total of 74 nominations were accepted today by the various returning officers for Belize’s 31 constituencies to contest the 2012 general elections called for March 7, 2012.

In Belize there are a total of 178,054 registered voters for the General Elections who are expected to vote for 74 candidates in 31 constituencies at 315 polling stations. For the Municipal Elections there are a total of 97,979 registered voters, a total 170 candidates and 168 polling stations.

According to the Elections and Boundaries Department in order to ensure transparency approximately 3,000 public officers will be working for the double elections.

The final count of candidates nominated for the General Election is 31 each by the major parties; nine by the Belize Unity Alliance (BUA), a merger of the VIP and PNP; and three independents, Alburn Rivero, Lucilo Teck and Carlos Diaz, for a total of 74.

The full list of candidates follows.

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