Friday, March 16, 2012



This seems to be a regular pattern, and I´m not sure what is the cause? All you get is a report of poor signal strength, about 41% and UNABLE TO CONNECT TO SERVER MESSAGE. From noon until six p.m. This is WI FI service here on the home island.

This is not the first time in the last month either. As I am in the financial markets through my broker in Chicago, this is a troublesom thing. Fortunately today I was not in the market. The other time I had trouble, I had just closed my trades about half an hour before I lost service to the internet via BTL on the island of Caye Caulker. Which was pure LUCK on my part, as I could have lost about $5000 usa dollars.

Apparently, my wife who just arrived from Hillview, said the service is similar out there in Hillview. It is getting worse she says. We have been talking once again, about moving to Melchor de Menchos and building a house over there in Guatemala, to conduct business, because of the internet service available in Guatemala. My brother in law, just returned from a week exploring the Western Guatemalan highlands and he likes the area and felt quite comfortable. Perhaps we shall explore selling our places here in Hillview and moving to Western Guatemala for the better internet service. We are planning a trip to explore possibilities of re-locating to Guatemala this FALL. Purely for internet service reliability.

At least one foreign would be investor business contact, wanting to relocate to Belize and is familiar with the country, has also expressed his concern and said since his business runs on BROADBAND internet, the lack of such service has stopped him from re-locating to Belize. He has no interest in living in towns. There have been a number of queries from friends in the hedge fund business, like myself about moving to Belize. ALL have become aware that the internet is just not available here. There was even some talk about building a skyscraper, or several 4 or 5 story buildings in the Pine Ridge area. But without infra-structure that was cancelled.

I´m being forced by poor internet service to re-consider our business options once again. SAD, but there it is! You have to live and work where you can do business. In today´s world, ALL businesses now rely on broadband internet. Broadband is only available around district towns, in Belize. Even so, the service available cannot sustain the subscribers they already have in a reliable manner. I had a discussion at the BTL office here on Caye Caulker and there is little that can be done. Whatever the problem, they evaded discussing it. Just propoganda and crapola, smoke screen verbiage. I´m stuck here until the end of MAY, though if I lose any serious money, will immediately abandon my place here and in Hillview and move to Guatemala.


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Maria Mercedes said...

Why do you think Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico have good and cheap internet service?

1. They pay their creditors. They don't talk about defaulting on them. This is cheap populism.

2. They don't have telecom monopolies, whether public or private.

3. In other countries you get to choose which internet service provider you want thanks to competition. Old telecom monopolies were swept away in Central America, with the exception of Belize.

BTL is a public monopoly. It used to be a private monopoly before the nationalization.

Either way you are going to get a very bad service from this company.

If you want a good internet service you need to:

1. Tell Dean Barrow to pay Belize's creditors. Big companies don't want to invest in countries that don't pay their creditors.

2. Privatize BTL but open it to competition. Allow other companies and international brands like Claro, France Telecom, Telefonica Espana, Telemovil to compete with BTL.