Saturday, March 24, 2012


New book, reports two major things, to identify why ISRAEL a small country outpaces the rest of the world in innovation and business startups.

1) Their military is based on getting the job done, or mission goal and provides valuable later life, inter-personal links from compulsory military service. Soldier often VOTE their unit commanders out of their leadership positions. They concentrate on making things work, even if they have to break the rules in the process.

2) Immigrants are the backbone of Israeli entrepeneurship. With nothing to lose and risk takers at heart, the immigrants are seen and proven to be a wonderful natural human resource. It was once that way in Canada and the USA and Australia as well.

A LESSON HERE FOR BELIZE TOO! Though we are well aware already, that our current small economic successes are based on immigrants and their second and third generations.

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