Friday, March 30, 2012


USA FINANCIAL TRADING CENTERS TO EXPLORE CAYO AND CAYES FOR LOCATIONS THIS SUMMER OR FALL. First one will notify me of an arrival date in June, when I return to Hillview, from Caye Caulker, after the Forest fire smoke season.

I´ve been contacted by TWO seperate MONEY MANAGEMENT COMPANIES. They want to come down and explore for a month or two, the practicalities of setting up financial trading centers here in Belize. One outfit is a small one, managing about $130 million USD. The other one is substantial also.

I´ve offered them FREE OF CHARGE to use my trading room, including sleeping and cooking accomodations; though I´ve already made excuses for the poor internet service out in Cayo and Hillview. Guess they will find out for themselves if the bandwidth and speed is up to their capacity? We are making a SWAP for training and mentoring. As they earn about 60% a year gross on capital, before taxes. Lots of involved risk control strategies I´m unfamiliar with, I´d like to learn from those more expert. MID JUNE, 2012, therefore is the deadline, for BTL to upgrade their Hillview internet service. Possibly with a REPEATER at the top of the hill, or more bandwidth and speed for the TWIN TOWNS.

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