Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rene Montero politician loses due to lack of smarts in dealing with constituency?

It has been reported elsewhere that Rene Montero won his seat, by a very slim margin? Congratulations if he did, but the rest of the observations on the relationship between an elected representative and his constituency voters remains true to form. Rene is an amateur politician, he needs to learn the basics of keeping his constituents in the LOOP, thus turning professional. If he wants to get re-elected term after term, after term. We wish him luck, with his learning curve.

Rene Montero, UDP politician.
Why Rene Montero lost in Cayo Central, my division of the National Election.

He lost because he did not do his homework, in staying in communication with his voters. Not once in 4 years did Rene Montero visit me at my house to update me on things in government. NOT ONCE! I had a favorable opinion of his work in government. But a politician touches base with the voters in his constituency, at least once in every 6 months. They also should have a card holder, rolodex, with family members information, to refresh their memory on their homes. Remembering birthdays is important. Family tragedies and successes also important. Graduations are important. Listening to complaints about government service and checking up on them and reporting back are important tools for any politician. You don´t do that, you become an arrogant stranger and lose the vote next time around.

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