Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Belize Alps forest fires by satellite 2012

Nasa Modis photo. From this satellite video you can spot the forest fires in the Mountain Pine Ridge in Belize. They are the small red dots. On the Western side of the divide of the Belize Alps. I was suffering last dry season from swollen glands, and face and throat from the smoke wafting down over Green Parrot Valley, so this year, I came to Caye Caulker for the humidity and clean air. So far it is working, but I return to Hillview and Green Parrot Valley at the end of this month of May. Hopefully the rainy season will start in June and dampen all the smoke. I had a heck of a bad time for five months last year, with the dry season, which is worse on the back Western side of the BELIZE ALPS. The dry season on the Caye has enabled a normal life. I´ve had swollen throats a few times, periodically, but it never got out of hand, like it does up at home in the foothills.

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