Thursday, May 31, 2012

BELIZE BTL behind the customer service curve in internet bandwidth in 2012.

BTL INTERNET SERVICE IS GOING SLOWER AND SLOWER IN WESTERN BELIZE, CAYO DISTRICT. It is believed in the pursuit of profits, that BTL have oversubscribed, the shared bandwidth available, about 2 Giga. In fact, some days, it is not possible to use the internet at all during business hours in Santa Elena Town. Amateurs like myself, believe the bandwidth is carrying DOUBLE the customer load it was designed for and sold to customers. There is talk by BTL customer service people that sometime this year, the bandwidth will be increased to 4 GIGAS. BTL under different owners have constantly lied about such promises over the past 22 years. Nobody believes them. This under the current customer service subscribed load, would bring service back to normal at 4 GIGA. The local opinion, is; that 4 GIGA Bandwidth, will simply meet the current subscriber load needs. In order to promote development and the future of the nation building, an effort should be made to get ahead of the development curve and go up to 6 GIGA bandwidth. To allow for new customers to be added over the next two years. Across the Western border with Guatemala, THEIR CITIZENS enjoy 10 GIGA bandwidth of internet service. Caye Caulker with about 50 registered customer users in the town on the island, during my last dry season, four month stay there. The WI FI service was far superior to what we get from BTL in Cayo District. A U TUBE teaching video is uploaded and able to run continuously on CAYE CAULKER due to the light customer load, whereas in Hillview, Santa Elena Town in comparison, it is not practical to try and use U TUBE videos for learning new things. You click on a video on U TUBE to learn something in Hillview. You get 1.5 sentences, then the video stops to reconnect and reload, after 4 to 5 minutes of waiting, you get another snippet of 1.5 sentences and then the video stops to reconnect and reload and you wait another 4 to 5 minutes to get the next 1.5 sentence. It can take hours ( about 4 hours ) to run a learning video off the internet. It takes about 4 to 5 minutes to download a url webpage completely. We use the two antenna BTL wireless modem at home. On Caye Caulker a URL appears complete in less than a second, once you press the key. We are definitely not getting the customer service we pay for, about $120 per month.

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