Wednesday, May 2, 2012


There is a lot of publicity going on about the upcoming referendum with Guatemala. Considering 97% of the people consider that the two major political parties, are RAPING BELIZE under the Colonial copy cat Constitution. We also know from various economic studies from international economists, on things Belizean, that our method of governance, the BRITISH SPOILS IMPERIALIST INHERITED COLONIAL SYSTEM cannot be changed, as the two major political parties are made up of people whose sole intent is self enrichment, at any cost. We have 50 years of experience of this. So, the SPOILS SYSTEM OF THIS BUNCH OF MAFIA PIRATES IN COLONIAL GOVERNMENT MODEL, or what? The gang has the political power, they make and enforce laws according to their needs, they tax and regulate in what economists explain is the EXTRACTIVE governing system. They will not share power, or create methods to distribute government jobs by ability, or civil service tests. Certainly they both, the two major political parties WILL NOT make Belize a REPUBLIC, which is a more INCLUSIVE SYSTEM and the gateway to economic success. When in office, they also control the police and defense force and have the guns, for superiority in fire power. Perhaps then, a new generation of us should consider that since Guatemala is a REPUBLIC, it would not be a bad thing, for Guatemala to actually take over by an INTERNATIONAL court decision and bring Belize to the status of a REPUBLIC through this sideways approach? Our political mafia pirates will not do it. They consider RAPE of Belizeans and the TAX TROUGH earnings, their due ( as SPOILS ) when in office. Their RIGHT, just ask the current Prime Minister! Certainly there is no distribution of power, either. The economists forecast Belize will remain poor and inadequate in per capita income, due solely to BAD GOVERNANCE, the model we currently use to govern with. Seems like we ordinary Belizeans should PRAY, that Guatemala wins the REFERENDUM and the COURT DECISION on the future of Belize. We are not going to accomplish anything under our current colonial governance model. That is obvious. The only way you could otherwise change the system of governance is REVOLUTION. Who wants to turn into an ARAB SPRING? With all the death and violence involved. Think about it you new Belizean generation! Don´t be saddled with the propoganda and clap trap brainwashing of the past. Be logical !

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