Friday, May 11, 2012


PIONEER PLANTATION, HENDRY COUNTY, 2.5 acre pineland ranchette for sale. One of about 150 ranchettes located in the Pioneer Plantation subdivision in the middle of rural Hendry County. The Ranchette is for sale on a LEASE PURCHASE ARRANGEMENT. With $7000 down payment and the rest of the asking price of $19,000 to be paid over five years. Including interest and property taxes the monthly payments for five years would bee $318 per month. For further information contact VANESSA at: , or telephone: 954 914 8439 Website with details, adventure story and some photographs. This is a good investment, as a double lane highway across the state of Florida has been recently built nearby, making commutes to Fort Lauderdale, or Fort Myers easy. Asking prices are running around $40,000 and were being sold between $50,000 and $60,000, seven years ago. I think it will take another 7 years to see the prices of ranchettes in Pioneer Plantation get back to that level from the general collapse of the housing bubble. But you cannot go wrong at this bargain price. The owner now lives outside of the USA and not interested in returning and wants to get his property taxes back in the sale. Hence the bargain price, for fast sale.

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