Tuesday, May 1, 2012


e mail post by INNOVATE BELIZE An example is this alternative trading system is https://www.secondmarket.com/ But we would need fiber optics ... ____________________________________________________ ****INTERNET IS THE ONLY PROBLEM AT THE WESTERN BELIZE FINANCIAL CENTER IN HILLVIEW. For the past four months, I´ve been operating out of Caye Caulker, which has a high speed wi fi system. This has worked out much superior to the service at our FINANCIAL CENTER in Hillview. Which is radio waves and modem, plus it is shared bandwidth and overcrowded. I am getting constant complaints of brown outs, cut offs, slowdowns, non performance, at the main Financial Center in Hillview, the Twin Towns by telephone calls. I have had several interruptions of lost service on Caye Caulker as well. Yesterday morning was one of them, when the wi fi internet system would not let me into the local server. I even phoned our broker in Chicago near the OPTIONS EXCHANGE, who tracked the problem from up there and they said it was here in Belize at the BTL server. I could not connect at all here, when Monday morning I routinely have thousands of dollars of trades to implement and seconds count. I was stalled without a server for about four hours, this past Monday morning. Despite the failure of the government controlled/owned internet BTL monopoly for business, we are still planning an expansion up at the main center in Hillview, starting probably June, or July. We currently had converted a family bedroom apartment, to operate four trading desks. We had started with one desk, went to two desks and now use four trading desks. That apartment conversion has grown too small, and we have guest traders coming in from other countries, planned for the FALL and WINTER months, to do some educational training and mentoring. So the building plans are to tear down the third floor, annex vegetable nursery and rebuild it as a trading center with about 50% more floor space and capacity, than we now have. The apartment will be restored with a face lift, for emergency accomodations. Indeed, the whole two building three story complex is to be re-painted, reconstructed and refurbished. Hopefully finished before January, 2013, the end of this fiscal year. We are just approaching the professional threshold here on performance statistics. It has taken two very long years to get this far. By JUNE we should be to a professional standard, in everything, except internet service and capacity from BTL. That will control any future expansions, or other businesses from moving here.

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