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Volleyball News
  • Belize overcomes Nicaragua in the second match of U 23 Men’s Central American Cup – Volleyball News
Belize overcomes Nicaragua in the second match of U 23 Men’s Central American Cup – Volleyball News
Men’s U 23 volleyball teams from Belize and Nicaragua crossed their ways on day-2 of the Central American Cup in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.
Belize totally dominated the opposite side and stamped 3-0 (25-15, 25-22 and 25-21) victory over Nicaragua. The team of Head Coach Morgan Derrick made a great comeback in the tournament by winning its second match. In the previous fixture, El Salvador defeated Belize with 3-2 ratio.
Keith Castle of Belize exhibited a stellar performance and settled for the position of top-score in the match. He tallied match-high 11 points. Other than Castle, none of the players could touch the double-figure score. The Nicaraguan players stayed below than seven points.
First whistle of the referee started things off. Karym of Belize supplied of power to the ball and served with great precision. With the nice delivery of serves and attacks, Belize jumped to an early lead in the match. Nicaragua dropped too many easy shots and suffered the set-back. Belize also committed errors, but they were fewer in number. Overall, Belize controlled the action on the net and remained ahead of the opponents. First set inched its way to the end, while gap of scores stretched out. Belize continued with success and managed to put off Nicaragua in the first set with 25-15.
Nicaragua displayed a poor performance in the first set, but learned from its experience. The coach regrouped the players and sent them in the court with a better plan. However, it was not easy for the team to overcome the charged-up Belizean squad. They returned many of their shots and comparatively played much better. There were moments in the second set when Nicaragua seemed to have its full form back. Belize faced some trouble from the opposite side, but managed to extend its lead to 2-0 by winning the second set, 25-22.
In the third set, Nicaragua followed the same strategy and gave a good competition to the opponents. They fought bravely and used many different tactics to stop Belize, but it proved to be a failing effort for them. Belize closed third set 25-21 and declared match victory.
The Captain of Nicaragua Benjamin Caceres regretted the loss of second match in a row. He commented: “The team started with the same grip as ever, and we left hoping that affected the defeat.”
On the other hand, the winning skipper Jaleel Lino Belize said: “Played better than yesterday, and did not commit the same mistakes, this victory gives us more confidence to face Guatemala tomorrow.”

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