Monday, July 16, 2012


Some of the things I noticed about Guatemala this last week trip to Chichicastenango.
There are cooperatives everywhere. Mostly agriculture, but in weaving, pottery, glass making, EVERY DARNED PLACE. Tens of thousands of Cooperatives. The Mayan population are VERY WELL OFF ECONOMICALLY. Most of those middle aged women picking vegetables on their plots, had more gold in their teeth, than I have dollars in the Credit Union. So many pickup trucks, couldn't begin to count them. Never saw a single dirt road and we went into winding rural back country roads. EVERYTHING is asphalt paved, to the smallest mountain village. Everybody got cell phones and other gadgets. Even the kids. Prices were stateside prices from small country restaurants to big city. Slightly more expensive than Belize for tourists. Cell phone towers and internet are on every hill, every needed few miles. You had your usual winos and alcoholics, thieves and such in big parks in the Capital city. But not everywhere else. GUATEMALA IS DOING GOOD MON!

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