Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Many countries including Mexico, Portugal, Czech Republic, Argentina, India, Peru, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and The Netherlands have already decriminalized marijuana and in some cases, other drugs. 

In the USA, 14 or 15 states so far have decriminalized marijuana possession and/or allow medical marijuana, with others moving in that direction.

The U.S. has no say in the affair of other countries, unless the country's leaders grant it through corruption or laziness.

On Tue, Jul 17, 2012 at 9:14 AM, Trevor Vernon <trevor_c_vernon@yahoo.com> wrote:
The US would never allow decriminalization because US Pharmaceutical companies would have a fit. While decriminalization is the smart thing for our govt to do, the big usa companies will never allow it to happen. End of discussion. Dont bother wasting taxpayer monies even discussing it because at the end of the day the masters of the universe have already decided.

  I was ambivalent about marijuana BEFORE, as I do not partake, or smoke.  But it seems a crime against common sense to be sending young men to jail for many months, for carrying only enough weed to make 3 cigarettes, or one fat cigar, of the herb.
  NOW I have been diagnosed with CANCER, and after 18 months of fighting continuous pain, my search for pain relieving natural medicine, makes me want to try marijuana.  Perhaps in cookies or something?  If it would relieve the pain, I would gladly defy the collective wisdom of the CABINET.  I hesitate, only because I do not want the GSU tearing down the doors to my house and turning my house and possessions upside down. Nor could I afford the financial penalties.  Considering the Prime Minister's wife is also a cancer victim, it boggles the mind that the UDP government would not legalize marijuana, a natural herb and collect GST taxes from the sales thereof. Sometimes the collective thinking of the UDP leaves me bewildered.  I don't understand such idiocy.
  At the moment, I use IBOPROFIN AND ACEITEMIN something or other, long name, pills.  My wife worries, because the pills damage both kidneys and liver.  So I have Bengue ointment, which can give light relief and there is a gel, not available at pharmacies in Belize, but we obtained a tube from a drug store in Miami, which it says is made in France and on this last trip, bought two jars of the jell ( ARNICA ) from the HOMEOPATHIC CLINIC in Guatemala City. Arnica is not sold in Belize and WHY I don't know, it is a great pain reliever.  The stuff being made in Mexico, Chile and such mountainous places.  In England the stuff is called Wolfs Bane, been around for centuries and works great, absorbed externally through the skin.  Made from mountain daisies.
  As a choice, I prefer the external herbal pain relievers. From all the world wide medical studies, marijuana is one of those to use also.  That our government in Belize denies me pain relief from a herb, is more than my mind can understand.


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