Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I agree with the critique on marijuana law corrections.  Pure and utter nonsense by Doug Singh.( Cabinet spokesman ) Just scrap the damned marijuana laws. ALL OF THEM. We should be pushing herbal remedies for export.  Bay rum and marijuana buds soaked in the bottle has been around for 55 years that I know of. As an arthritus relief for pain. ( illegally ) Cinammon and honey as a remedy for crippling arthritus has been qualified as works, by me and some test subjects here in the twin towns.  Takes about six months to get rid of the arthritus.  If you keep up the intake of cinammon, it NEVER EVER COMES BACK.  Must be the body is missing something?  WHATEVER, it works. ARCINA works, I can tell you that, from last few months as a pain reliever.  Does not cure though. I'm trying the GINGER treatment now on my myself, to see if I can get rid of this painful thing wrapped around a gland nodule. A tumor. If I'm still alive in six months, check back with me then. There is an ingredient in the GINGER root, but Spanish Lookout Homeopathic Medicine shop has the pills with it. ( forget the name )  I plan to buy the pills first chance I go over there. We could extract and bottle these pills right here for cancer tumors. We grow GINGER in my front yard. ( We like the colorful ornamental flowers to see )

  People politicians and bureaucrats govern ONLY WITH THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED.  Let them know, you know you condemn their abdication of responsibility, by letting old marijuana laws, set by industrial countries continue on the books.  Doug Singh if you read this; scrap the whole bunch of marijuana laws.  It is a natural herb and useful as a pain relief and tranquilizer.  YOU elected leaders need to LEAD.  Not slavishly follow the outside world and avoid, and neglect your responsibilities to your citizens, when it comes to OUR BELIZEAN "quality of life" issues.  We have oodles of natural herbs that can be market exported, to the outside world. I agree with the critique of Doug Singh, who speaks on the behalf of the UDP party.  Just lessening the criminal penalities is NOT THE WAY TO GO.  Get rid of that criminal mindset shit!  Regulate and GST tax the subsequent products. ( ALL OF IT, START FRESH ) Somebody should be able to soak ten lbs of marijuana choice buds in a 30 gallon tank OF BAY RUM,  and re-bottle it after six weeks and export it as an arthritus medicine and for aches and sprains. ( Take out the buds first and bottle the liquid with the ingredient in there ) We need to get innovative on exporting, and thinking, The UDP are HOPELESS with this kind of innovative thinking, unfortunately.


Tershia said...

Arsenic is also natural and deadly poisonous, along with umpteen other natural plants. It takes research and education to know which ones and in particular what doses of those plants are beneficial medicinally. Natural medicine is just as dangerous as pharmaceutically manufactured ones if the dosage is incorrect, Therefore regulation is necessary.
And the jury is still out about the pain controlling effects of marijuana - it is more likely to dumb your brain!

diana mega said...

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