Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Belize CGA, CEO Henry Anderson wins ACADEMY AWARD over Honest Bob's used pickup lot sales pitches.

Henry Anderson,  CEO of Citrus Growers Association.

The recent Pomona Valley, meeting of small growers of the CGA, intended to disrupt, the business of the Citrus Factory, in the ongoing WAR, between CGA executive and Banks Holdings Ltd., reached a point of intimidation and noise, for political advantage, by the 300 voting members of the CGA.  Parades and fiery speeches.  Professional agitators, who were speakers, who sent out their poisoned view of the industry.  ( It's NEVER ever been better in ALL history of the decades of the citrus industry, as in profit making Banks Holdings Ltd. running the factory for the industry, as far as I can observe?
  At any rate,  I have had a hard time, deciding who should win the ACADEMY AWARD for selling DREAMS, HOPES and castles in the sky, made of pink and white fluffy climbing turrets of cumulus clouds, as they move swiftly over Western Belize, as Henry Anderson was quoted in the local newspapers and television news.
  Apparently, this past week's argument, and strike on grapefruit deliveries, was about Banks Holdings Ltd. ostensibly going ahead without consulting the CGA acording to the rules in the Citrus Act, about setting prices and opening dates of the factory. Apulche, CEO of the government Agriculture Department put paid to that bit of mischief making on TV, as he said the meeting was held and he was present.  This was promptly followed by intimidation and bullying by the CGA executive and demands that he be fired from Government, for doing his job properly.
  The clincher for me, was reading someplace in the media, that Henry Anderson, Union Leader, or Citrus Growers Association, CEO or some position, was quoted as saying;  the furor and meeting was because they were wanting to demand a price of $12 and change, for a box of fruit.  While the other Association BMC had already accepted the $8 and change price per box of fruit delivered to the factory for processing.  I laughed and laughed and laughed over that remark attributed to Henry Anderson.  The man sure can shoot a line of blarney.
  I think the closest thing to competition in that line Henry Anderson has; is HONEST BOB'S used pickup lot.  Now there is a famous sales pitch.  You know the standard. The pickup truck was left to the poor widow Mayan woman, who has no drivers license and her husband died two weeks ago, after just buying the new pickup truck and he only had put 5000 miles on it.
 When it comes to the ACADEMY AWARD for blarney, selling dreams, hopes and wishful thinking, I do believe Honest Bob's used pickup lot, will have some very serious competition, if Henry Anderson ever leaves his executive position in the CGA and opens a Pomona Valley, used pickup lot, down there in the Pomona Valley, citrus area.

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