Sunday, November 4, 2012


GOVERNMENT OF BELIZE CAVES IN APPARENTLY, TO BLACKMAIL, OR EXTORTION BY SMALL BAND ( 300 VOTERS ) OF THE CGA?  ( Citrus Growers Association number 1,  but not by  Citrus Growers No.2 being Belize Citrus Mutual, producing the majority of the citrus fruit )

  Weekend newspaper the Guardian, for the UDP political party in power, says they will FACILITATE, the CGA private for profit association of small citrus growers, in buying back Banks Holdings Ltd. SHARES of the FACTORY COMPANY.  Banks HOLDINGS LTD apparently has agreed and the CGA for profit group, are claiming to have a couple of financiers willing to finance the re-purchase of the shares, rumored NOW to be worth about $50 million Bz. in the citrus FACTORY?  ( I don't believe them? ) The CGA have plenty of assets and collateral to offer for the loan, in the form of 51% of the existing outstanding shares in the private public shareholding of the FACTORY company.  They also can use their lands for collateral.  So there is probably no reason, why they cannot get financed the $50 million to buy Bank Holdings Ltd. shares? The citrus industry is trending to consolidating small holdings into more efficient larger orchard plantations, where costs can be better be found to be controlled.  So far, the professional agitators are against the cooperative idea, in which the same result can be made by pooling small growers, like the producers of the fishing industry.  I applaud their intention in rhetoric anyway, of standing on their own TWO FEET, as private for profit shareholders, to finance their own mess, and rescue themselves from what they claim to be decades of past mistakes.
     Excuses and lies and distortions notwithstanding, in the CGA meeting at Pomona last weekend by PROFESSIONAL AGITATORS, with their own agenda; intending to work the turmoil they create, I presume, to get senior administrative positions in any new setup, as the agitators, are not deemed competent enough to make a living, at farming on their own, and looking for every advantage within the CGA, to get a salaried job, with expenses, which can be parlied into a better life style, for lousy farmers ( agitators and administrators ), presumably who cannot make enough at farming, but have a lying, deceitful gift of the tongue;  they have to distort the workings of the small grower group and take advantage of them. ( that's my reading of this furor anyway? )  I don't know any of them, other than casually anyway.  Just going by my experience with producers in the fishing cooperative history of 50 years or so.

  At any rate, the GOVERNMENT has to listen somewhat to 300 voters and FACILITATE their bootstrap efforts of being tens of decades in the citrus industry, with umpteen loans, grants and loans over the years.  Still unable to help themselves, due to infighting over administrative salaried positions in the CGA.  The one factor is:  the REST OF THE VOTERS in the country in these difficult financial times for infrastructure and development, want our UDP government NOT to give any LOANS, GRANTS, GUARANTEES, CO-SIGNING, or anything else to do with money, to the CGA.  They must DIG THEIR OWN WAY out of these constantly recurring messes and learn to manage themselves properly. FACILITATE can mean many things, and good will in legislation, or that sort of thing is fine, by our government.  BUT THE REST OF US VOTERS DO NOT WANT ANY MONEY SPENT ON THE CGA, WHO HAVE ASSETS OF THEIR OWN TO USE. Current leader of the CGA is Henry Anderson, a smooth speaker with a tongue of blarney, on which butter would not even melt in his mouth.  Reading his speeches to the CGA membership, one gets the impression of a smooth CON MAN at work.  His excuses and promises of building castles in the sky, made of clouds that drift away, are legendary.

  I interpret the latest blarney about the CGA self financing, as being so much hot air, and the prelude to pressuring the government to spend OUR TAX MONEY on buying out, or guaranteeing, a buy out of Banks Holdings Ltd shares,  will quickly follow; as the CGA PROFESSIONAL AGITATORS work their way into next; pleading that we other voters NEED to guarantee their financing.  Which CGA history shows will leave a big HOLE in our taxpayers pockets of other nation building efforts.  Not going to happen, as other fields of endeavors in industry building, need ALL the money we can get, to build this nation.  Citrus is a well established industry, been around for decades and under the recent stewardship of Banks Holdings and the efforts of Belize Citrus Mutual, the other group of citrus producers, is now at it's best peak of growth in many decades.  ( I'm an outsider taxpayer, not involved with any group in the citrus industry )  The CGA membership need to learn how to finance themselves, they have the assets to do so.


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