Thursday, November 15, 2012

GSU takes the political high ground away from the CABINET.

INDEPENDENT POLICE UNIT THE GSU, are apparently in conflict with the PRIME MINISTER Barrow.  So he says!  The PM makes a press release contrary to that of Marc Vidal, the GSU officer of the unit formed to go after gang members and drug dealers.  According to internet news, this unit operates outside the parameters of the regular police force and under polititical control. The recent contrarian press releases, over MacFee a rich USA resident in Belize apparently are resounding along the corridors of international news media with a big bang.  ALL IS NOT FINE FOR USA RETIREES IN BELIZE APPARENTLY?
  McFee is charging conspiracy, intimidation, etc by the GSU thugs under this Marc Vidal.  The local announcements by the Prime Minister show, he is either lying, or totally out of control of the GSU.
  If the idea is to intimidate and create a climate of fear in the hearts and minds, of wealthy USA retirees settled in the big town of San Pedro a tourist island, the process has certainly galvanized a response and it looks like those that can afford it will do their best to FLEE the political repression in Belize.  Arguments have been made both for and against the GSU actions, but the only thing clear, is that the Prime Minister might have a RIVAL for political power with the GSU. From what he said in a press release it would seem so?

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