Thursday, November 8, 2012


For my family and friends who are enquiring by emails.  I fly out today Thursday, to Miami in the care of my wife Silvia and my daughter Sharon, to seek CANCER TREATMENT.  Probably tomorrow going to the hospital in Homestead, Florida?  I've been in growing PAIN, which is recurring more and more frequently. Sharon flew into Belize, to carry me back to Miami and get treatment.  I had been waiting on Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital to process the results of my new biopsy samples, done two weeks ago.  But they say, the bottleneck is the PATHOLOGY LAB, under Dr. Sanchez, with a two month waiting period for processing.  I can't stand the PAIN anymore, been planning different ways of ending it all, by suicide. ( I'm 75 years, so a painful miserable end, in pain from advanced cancer is not my idea of the way to end it all. ) We don't have a Dr. Kevorkian in Belize unfortunately. At any rate, without pathology results, giving the TYPE OF CANCER, no public health,  medical professional will treat me and I literally have run out of time.  My pain thresh hold has been breached.  Hearing my plans, my daughters got together and Sharon, ACTED, and are carrying me literally kicking and screaming to Miami to see what can be done.  I give my chances of being alive in 3 months, at 40%.  I was supposed to fly out last Sunday, but lost my passport and $800 USA travel money,  on the bus and taxi's going to the airport. Was unable to fly, due to lack of documentation, and last Monday, the US EMBASSY issued me a 90 day EMERGENCY PASSPORT, to travel with.  Time at the Embassy was about 2 hours.  They were very kind, helpful and understanding.  Other circumstances, reservations and such, with tickets already paid for ( Sharon paid for them ) delayed my departure.  Will be at the hospital tomorrow morning and see what can be done.
  I'm terribly sorry and disappointed that the local public health service in Belize, were not able to accommodate me.  They lack surgical  expertise apparently and what the problem might be in the pathology lab, I don't know?  Either way, I just ran out of stamina to take increasing levels of cyclical pain on a daily basis.

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