Wednesday, January 16, 2013


By Ray Auxillou, Dec. 2012

   Democracy is a governing system that protects minorities from the majority.  For instance, there is no such thing as an ISLAMIC DEMOCRACY, or a CHRISTIAN DEMOCRACY.  Man made religious engineering, interfers with a democracy.  Religious fanatics of any persuasion, should not be allowed to make laws in a DEMORATIC SECULAR SOCIETY.  Each  religion makes it’s own laws to control people;  these are often quoted by religionists as MORALS, for a moral society.  Yet in Hindu society, it is not permitted to kill and eat cows for instance, being considered morally wrong.  The Arab countries are overwhelmingly dictatorships with an Islamic flavor and their morals are different than Christian religious society. Countries like Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Afghanistan are SLAVE STATES and half the population ( the female half ) are considered animal possessions, to be bought, sold, or traded.  So their countries do not practice  protection of minorities; which is a major component of defining a democracy.  The USA has practiced historically, exploitation of gender, race, color and religion.
  Belize is struggling with the concept of equality between the majority Christians and other minorities of race, religion and language.  The majority religion is trying hard to impose their religious morals on our secular government.  They should not be allowed to do so.  We can only succeed as a democracy if our minorities are protected.

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