Thursday, January 17, 2013


Archeological evidence backs up the descriptions of warfare in the Vedas written in Sanskrit of the Majhabarata.  A written record far older than the old testament, or the Sumerian clay tablets, from which tales were re-written down through current, more recent, modern human history.. That warfare which included modern technology, actually better than what we have now, is dated about 20,000 years ago, inside the last ICE AGE.  You can read the opinions at:   (    )   Remains of a VIMANA discovered says Pakisani press, 20,000 years old.
   The area of ancient battles were Afghanistan, what is now the GOBI desert, Pakistan and Kashmir.  There are city tourist ruins in Pakistan with modern plumbing and running water 9000 years old.  In Patagonia we have town ruins going back 11,000 years.  The trouble with archeology it does not go back far enough and then there is climate change, from when the ICE AGE broke up, apparently taking several thousand years.  We know from Greenland ice cores that the next ICE AGE will be rapid, taking about 3 days.  What we don't know for calculating the next ICE AGE is when to start DATING the end of the last ICE AGE.  The Mayan Calendar, LONG COUNT 52,000 years thereabouts  says we are approaching the next ICE AGE NOW and should occur within anything, from a few hundred years to two thousand years.  Warm periods between ICE AGES take about 13,000 years.  This is due to the circular motion of the solar system on a horizontal plane with the center of the galaxy and the long count when the solar system goes into space reaching APOGEE into space 13,000 years from now in a vertical direction away from the plane of the galaxy..  Currently we are a month past PERIHELION, the point when we are closest to the center of our galaxy with maxium radiation being received.  Right now our solar system is starting to ZOOM out into a circular orbit away from the plane of the galaxy into the deep cold depths of space.  That journey will be 13,000 years out and 13,000 years back to the plane of the galaxy but much further away from the high dosages of radiation our solar system is receiving right now.  As we complete the horizontal circular orbit and will reach the APOGEE  or furthest point away from the center of the galaxy, while at the same time being half way through the MAYAN LONG COUNT calendar, for the long orbit, then carrying up for 13,000 years again to APOGEE away from the plane of the galaxy in a vertical orbit before returning back toward the plane of the galaxy again.  During that leg we would experience a gradual warming and the break up of the coming ICE AGE, to repeat these cycles again.
  The VEDAS describe old wars of 20,000 years ago, using modern type weapons, actually many of which have not yet been rediscovered by our current technological age.  The geographic terrain has shifted since then with different phases of climate change, mostly effecting the HIMALAYAS region.
  •   The recent translations from Sanskrit of the VEDAS of the MAJHABARATA assume a plasma mercury engine powering the VIMANAS ( flying machine ).  Something we have not yet rediscovered how to do.  Some years back I thought it was a SOUND ENGINE and University students were given the challenge of inventing a SOUND ENGINE and did so.  The article is someplace on my BLOG with photos.


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