Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Voluntary suicide in the USA and Florida. End of life choices missing in USA.


Quote taken from listserve forum, on people discussing QUALITY AT THE END OF YOUR LIFE SPAN.  ( In praise of the right to die at a time of your choosing, painless and peaceful, like a vet putting your pet to sleep )

"This article gives me hope. ( dignitas article discussion in Zurich, Switzerland - Suicide clinic tourism business )

"When I was 12 my mother told me she wished she had killed herself while she was still able to do so. She had MS, and could no longer move of her own accord; she was fed through a tube in her stomach and had gym socks on her hands to keep herself from tearing her own skin apart from the constant uncontrollable tremors.
She lost the ability to speak the following year. It was two more before she finally died.
She had to live on many years past what she should have, in constant pain that no drug could treat, in a Convalescent home at the age of 45, with a medical staff dedicated to *preventing her death.*
Until you've seen that happen to someone you love, you have no business condemning this man or his work.
If you have seen it, then like me, you probably wish there were more of him."

  You should be able to sue someone in the USA for prolonging life with constant pain. ( State sponsored torture )  Florida actually has laws preventing voluntary death.  There are 34 states in the USA that have laws preventing voluntary death.
  You may have no control of being born, but you should have control  over when you die and how.
Currently in Florida, you must either hang yourself, blow your brains out with a shotgun, or drive a car at 70 miles an hour into a tree. Is this the sort of result you want from laws on voluntary death?  The government is crazy, ruled by nincompoops. The government is meddling in an area; of end of life, with quality, personal  decisions they have no business doing.
 In the USA, DEATH is about business economics.  People are forced to live longer than they want to.  There is collusion between the medical fraternity business people and legislators, to use OLD PEOPLE, as a business money making tool, increasing the NATIONAL DEBT through Medicare and Medicaid swollen charges, keeping old people who want to die, ALIVE against their will.  Most often in pain and years if possible after they wanted to die.  The government makes it impossible for an old person to die voluntary, a PEACEFUL AND PAINLESS quick death. You are not allowed by LAW to seek an END to your life, to preserve the quality you may have enjoyed.  Except by some violent means you do not want to do; that in turn is called ILLEGAL.

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