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However, the bottom line is that Bze could be getting a whole lot more bang for the buck out of a properly restructured post-secondary system that targets the real training needs of the country. I suspect that right now many young people are spending time and dollars to be awarded a piece of paper that will achieve very little for them.
I'm not sure that a self review would do the trick; an externally led strategic planning(peer led and with business represented on the team) with strong challenge to the status quo and a mandate to apply the findings would be a great start though.

Bze Kobuh,
The monkeys are running the zoo
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  Since UB are raising hell right now about paying for courses.  How about a different approach?
Ministry of Education ONLY SUBSIDIZE courses that are deemed useful to the development of the nation?  APPLIED SCIENCE ENGINEERING for example.  You want to go the academic paper diploma route at UB, then students can do so at their own expense.  Courses deemed beneficial to light industrial manufacturing and entrepreneurial direction, students can apply for subsidies on course costs?

Ray Auxillou
Quote from Dr. Alvaro Rosado

(Excuses for lame duck mis-administration policies )

 Hind sight is 20/20 and in retrospect I think that; the then new 1990 UCB management team focused on being efficient in doing the job that UCB was doing when they took over, BUT did not take the time to consider whether the UCB they inherited was being effective; i.e. whether it was doing the right job.
In plain language UB might be producing excellent business administrators for a country that has no need for business administrators, but is crying out for middle level technicians.

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