Friday, December 3, 2010

ATLANTIC BANK IN BELIZE gives lowest interest rates on loans.


Recent Atlantic Bank ads, have advertised 9% personal loans, which is lower than the Credit Union 12% right now. Their CREDIT CARD is advertised as the lowest bank credit card at 16% interest.

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frand said...

I have a bank in Atlantic Bank.
I will like to make a loan for a U.K visa ( youth Mobility Scheme) requirements and my other travel expenses. At the moment i don't have a job, but a year from now i will be working in the British Army in U.K, that's my reason of traveling to the U.K. My question is: can i get a loan of 9500 BZ or 15000 Bz and start paying till next year. When i start working in the U.k i will be able to pay at least 300 bz monthly for 4 to 5 or less yrs.