Saturday, December 25, 2010

BELIZE - won´t touch the Citrus Growers Association with a 20 foot pole.


Conspiracy theories abound about the assassination of a harmless man, the accountant for the Citrus Growers Association. The prevailing rumor is that the EXECUTIVE ordered his assassination to hide misdoings financially. This is all speculation of course, still the man is dead by multiple knive wounds from an assassin in the driveway of his home. The police have no clue.

In the meantime, the weekend newspapers report that Denzil Jenkins of the Executive convinced the local police to blockade the CEO for the factory Henry Canton from entering his place of work. Canton is hired and can only be fired by the Board of Directors. The foreign investors in Trinidad or Barbados someplace have used their rights by investment agreements to refuse the Board of Directors to hold a meeting, at which the CGA hold the majority shares in any voting. Unable to get a quorum, the newspapers say Jenkins hoodwinked the police into working with him to go after the CEO Canton at the citrus factory. The police were too stupid to know they could not interfere in a civil matter.
In the meantime, while Jenkins is strong arming the factory, and the CEO, or trying to; the Prime Minister is pleading for calm and a dialogue. He has said his government has no legal rights to interfere in a private venture and the differences must go through the legal process. Jenkins does not want to do that, or wait. He wants action now and is acting like a mafioso.
In the meantime, Jenkins alleged puppet fellow executive Henry Anderson of the CGA, appointed by Jenkins and his cohorts on the CGA Executive, to replace Canton, has written his refusal to his Board, saying he will not take over the Citrus Factory from Canton, the current CEO hired by the Factory Board of Directors. This was the Jenkins plan, to remove CANTON and replace him with somebody beholden to himself, a fellow member of the CGA executive. While the CGA ship is sinking and the rats are fleeing the ship, violence is in the air.
The only legal solution seems to be either the CGA buy out the shares of Banks Holdings the foreign investor who built the modernized citrus factory, or Banks Holdings should buy out the CGA. If Banks Holdings ends up buying out the CGA shares, I would certainly buy some shares if they want to put them on the open market. If the CGA buy out BANKS HOLDINGS shares, then I would not touch the shares in the Citrus Factory with a 20 foot pole.
In the meantime, the rumor mill is saying the CGA Executive has taken money given in a GRANT. from our tax dollars to help small citrus growers with fertilizer and bush hogging, has disappeared from the purpose for which it was intended. We taxpayers outside the CGA are angry, damned angry over that. The UDP get the blame for that, as not putting strings on the GRANT. The CGA should and could raise money themselves as a private venture by selling some of their shares.

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