Friday, December 31, 2010

Belize culture listserve chat about British leaving Belize.


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Wendy, Trevor

Being British and married to a Belizean girl from Placencia, I agree, but more importantly so does my wife. I'm sure too, that there are also many good Belizean husbands and fathers around.

Shame we are living in the freezing cold of Suffolk, England right now and not sunny, beautiful Belize but I endorse the Facebook cause which is probably aimed at BATSUB shutting down soon and the UK military leaving imminently.

A sad day for many of us who have embraced Belize and its people as our own for many years, forging many personal and professional relationships.

I personally am absolutely gutted and I'm sure some small businesses who have provided accommodation and rum to Brit Forces will also be disappointed, especially during the slow tourist season, not to mention the loss of hundreds of local jobs at Ladyville and on the vast jungle training areas.

BATSUB also provided a vital 365 Day 24/7 helicopter MEDEVAC service to remote parts of Belize often unreachable by road in the wet season or by sea in high seas. I have personally flown pregnant women from Punta Gorda, BDF casualties from the border areas and diving tourists from remote cayes on at least 100 missions. Surely that will be missed?

I say join the cause.

Happy New Year to all on this list.

Charlie Roberts

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Subject: Bz-Culture: facebook causes & belize

Briitish men make great husbands and great fathers compared to Belizean men. I say keep them in Belize too! Give the Belizean women a choice other than raggamuffin drama queens masquerading as men.

There's a funky facebook "belizean" cause called "Keep the British in Belize". What do they hope to accomplish, or better, who do they hope to influence, or best, what do they hope to change...with such a cause? I am baffled.

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